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Root canal treatment is performed to protect your tooth from infection. A root canal procedure involves removal of the infected pulp from the tooth. This is done to ensure that the infection does not spread to the tooth's root. A toothache, swelling and abscess are some symptoms which may indicate a problem with the pulp. Only a qualified dentist can examine the teeth to tell you if you require root canal treatment. If you have a toothache or swelling, call us today and our dentists can cure your dental problem. Root canal treatment is done by our dentists in our dental office in Katy, TX. Our treatment has enabled us to prevent dental infection in our patients and upgrade their oral health.

Why is a root canal treatment done?

To understand why root canal treatment may be required, one should know the anatomy of a tooth. The tooth can be divided into a few layers which include enamel, dentin, and pulp. The pulp is at the core of the tooth and has nerves and blood vessels. When a tooth decays or when the tooth is damaged from an injury, bacteria can make its way to the pulp and cause inflammation. If left untreated, the inflammation can turn into an infection. An infected pulp can spread bacteria to the root of the tooth causing serious dental problems in the person.

A root canal treatment is done to remove the infected pulp. A fully grown tooth can be nourished with the support of surrounding tissues. Dentists perform an operation to remove the infected pulp and seal the cavity with gutta-percha and tooth fillings.

How is the root canal treatment done?

Root canal treatment is suggested to patients after a thorough examination of the tooth. Our dentists may check the medical and dental history of the patient and take X-rays to find out the condition of the pulp. After confirming the need for a root canal, our dentist takes time in explaining how the procedure takes place. Anxious patients may be provided sedatives to stay relieved from fear during the treatment.

Local anesthesia is administered to make the treatment painless. A hole is drilled in the tooth and the infected pulp is removed using special instruments. The canal is cleaned thoroughly to remove the remains of the infected part. The canal is then filled with Gutta-percha and dental fillings. The tooth may be covered with a dental crown for better physical support.


Our goal is to provide superior quality dental care which caters to all dental needs of a person. We consider both aesthetics and dental health factors when performing the treatment which enables us in coming out with wonderful smiles for our patients.

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After having neglected regular dental visits for years, I was very pleased with my dental visit here. All of the staff made me feel welcomed and Dr. McKaskle took his time explaining the results of his findings with me. The office was very clean and nice. I just may be getting over my fear of dental visits! Very pleased with the whole experience!

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This is a family dentistry and I've had the pleasure of being a patient of both Dr. Blake and Dr. Derek. They are very kind and compassionate, truly taking the time to know each patient on a very personal level. The staff is great, all have such wonderful personalities and make you feel so welcomed from the minute you come in the door. I have never experienced such personal attention from any dentist I've been to before moving here!

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The dentist and their staff are amazing! They are sensitive to each of your needs and keep you as comfortable as possible. I have been to many dentists, but this group I LOVE! I always feel welcomed and special each time I come in.

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The staff was awesome. The receptionist Karen was great very helpful and informative. Susie was awesome. Everyone made you feel welcomed and did not treat you like a patient but part of the family, like you have known the staff for a long time. Will defiantly recommend others to Dr. McKaskle.

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I was extremely pleased with Dr. Laura's patience, care, and concern for me. Her follow-up phone call to me today expressed her genuine interest in me as her patient.

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