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Oral care is an important part of your child's overall health. It should start right from the time your child gets his/her first tooth. Pediatric dentistry is a field dedicated to taking care of the oral health of children and teenagers. Dentists make sure to conduct a thorough examination of their teeth to find signs of tooth decay and other imperfections. Early interruption and dental care can ensure that the problems do not reoccur when the child grows up. Our dental office is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care. Our pediatric dentistry treatment in Katy, TX helps children in the city and surrounding cities to stay away from dental problems. Parents rely on us for the dental care of their children.

Why Pediatric Dentistry?

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that every child should be taken to a pediatric dentist by the time the first tooth erupts or by the time he/she is one year old. Oral care can play a crucial role in how a child grows up. Healthy teeth can support a nutritious diet in children which directly affects their growth. Through pediatric dentistry, dentists can ensure good oral health is maintained in children. Dentists can detect signs and symptoms of dental problems and take steps to prevent diseases. Dentists provide valuable tips to parents on how to maintain good oral hygiene in children. Also they can usually point out any bad habits that might be causing their dental problems and advise parents on steps which should be taken to avoid such practices.

What happens during the dental visit?

The primary concern in pediatric dentistry is to make the child feel comfortable. This can directly influence the way the child perceives dental care in the future. Children who have a good experience with the dentist can grow up to be more cautious about dental health. So our dental team takes the utmost care to see that every child is comfortable. The dentist then examines your child's teeth. Problems like tooth decay are treated using restorative procedures. Our dentist also takes the time to explain what kind of diet will be safe and helpful for children in different stages of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

2. Are thumb sucking and pacifier habits harmful for a child's teeth?

Thumb and pacifier sucking habits can usually become a problem if they continue on for a very long period of time. Many children stop sucking their thumb during their toddler ages between 2 to 4. Aggressive sucking can cause problems that affect the roof of the mouth also the teeth line up.

3. What should I do if my kid has a permanent tooth knocked out?

If your child has a permanent tooth knocked out, then hold it by the crown part instead of the root and replace it within the socket , or keep that knocked out tooth in a glass of milk and meet our pediatrician as soon as possible so that we can try to save your child's tooth.


Our goal is to provide superior quality dental care which caters to all dental needs of a person. We consider both aesthetics and dental health factors when performing the treatment which enables us in coming out with wonderful smiles for our patients.

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Our Testimonials

After having neglected regular dental visits for years, I was very pleased with my dental visit here. All of the staff made me feel welcomed and Dr. McKaskle took his time explaining the results of his findings with me. The office was very clean and nice. I just may be getting over my fear of dental visits! Very pleased with the whole experience!

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This is a family dentistry and I've had the pleasure of being a patient of both Dr. Blake and Dr. Derek. They are very kind and compassionate, truly taking the time to know each patient on a very personal level. The staff is great, all have such wonderful personalities and make you feel so welcomed from the minute you come in the door. I have never experienced such personal attention from any dentist I've been to before moving here!

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The dentist and their staff are amazing! They are sensitive to each of your needs and keep you as comfortable as possible. I have been to many dentists, but this group I LOVE! I always feel welcomed and special each time I come in.

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The staff was awesome. The receptionist Karen was great very helpful and informative. Susie was awesome. Everyone made you feel welcomed and did not treat you like a patient but part of the family, like you have known the staff for a long time. Will defiantly recommend others to Dr. McKaskle.

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I was extremely pleased with Dr. Laura's patience, care, and concern for me. Her follow-up phone call to me today expressed her genuine interest in me as her patient.

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