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Bright smiles look healthy and enhance the beauty of a person. Dentistry has provided cosmetic solutions to many dental problems we come across in everyday life. Teeth whitening has undoubtedly been one of the highly recommended and preferred procedures because of the effectiveness of the treatment. Teeth whitening removes particles which form a layer of stain on teeth surface. After the treatment, the natural color of the teeth becomes visible making the smile brighter and more beautiful. Our in-office teeth whitening in Katy, TX has been one of our prime offerings under cosmetic dentistry. Our team is keen about crafting dream smiles for our patients and teeth whitening is just one way how we achieve the same.

How does teeth whitening work?

The natural color of teeth differs from one person to another. Teeth tend to get stained because of poor oral hygiene, consumption of dark-colored liquids and from smoking. The discoloration of teeth may be linked to other factors such as the medical condition of the person and age where the enamel layer of teeth wears out as the person turns old.

Teeth whitening is a process which can remove the stain that is formed on the surface. Stain accumulates over porous teeth surface and masks the natural color of teeth. Teeth whitening process uses chemical agents which can remove the stain and bring back brightness. Our dentists use a shade scale to show the difference in brightness of teeth before and after the treatment.

How to take care of teeth?

Teeth whitening is not a one-time process where patients achieve bright white teeth for a lifetime after the treatment. The effects of teeth whitening treatment can last for few months or a year based on how patients take care of their teeth. Our dentist guides patients on how to care for their teeth. Smoking and consumption of dark-colored fluids like cola, wine and tea should be avoided. Patients should try and follow proper methods of brushing and flossing since oral hygiene plays an important role in maintaining the brightness of teeth.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Teeth whitening may not work for everyone, as in the case of severe discoloration teeth whitening may not result in a pearly white smile. Thus individuals with teeth that are severely discolored should talk to the cosmetic dentist as there are many options such as composite bonding or porcelain veneers.
Sensitivity caused by teeth whitening is always transient. That said if there is any sensitivity occurred post to teeth whitening procedure, it should go away within one or two days after the procedure. If you experience any discrepancy, you need to contact your cosmetic dentist immediately.
Typically you can expect it to last from six months to two years, however some studies say that it can last for a decade. Avoiding foods and beverages that cause stains can help you preserve the results for years.
Like any other medical or dental treatments, teeth whitening is also performed with much care by considering preventive measures. A rubber shield or protective gel is used to avoid bleaching agents from causing damage to gum tissues. Most products used in the procedure are approved by the American Dental Association, thus ensuring safety. After teeth whitening, you may feel minimal discomfort due to tooth sensitivity for a short amount of time.

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