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A dental emergency is a condition which involves problems with teeth, gums or soft tissues of the oral cavity which may require immediate treatment from a dentist. Dentistry does not specify conditions which can be considered as an emergency. Toothache, knocked out tooth, chipped tooth and injury to tongue or gums are commonly considered dental emergencies which require treatment. At McKaskle Family Dentistry, emergency dental conditions are treated on priority. Our dental team takes quick steps to relieve patients from pain and conducts necessary dental treatment to ensure that patients are safe and the problem does not reoccur. People of Katy, TX and other cities around have relied on our emergency dentistry care. Call us and make an appointment if you or any of your family member is facing a dental problem which needs to be treated immediately.

Dental Emergency – How to handle it?

Dental emergencies are conditions which may require immediate attention from dental professional. If ignored, the condition may worsen the oral health of a person and may have long term consequences. Patients can be aware of certain important steps which can help them face a dental emergency without panicking. Gauze and pain-killers are few things which may be required during a dental emergency.

  • A knocked out tooth can be protected if it is put in place within 1 hour. Patients should carefully pick the tooth and wash it without disturbing its roots. The tooth can be put back in its position by the patient. If this does not work, he/she can preserve the tooth in a container of milk and visit the dentist immediately.
  • Patients can use over-the-counter painkillers to reduce pain caused from a toothache. If the pain is severe patients should visit the dentist immediately. Patients can clean the mouth with warm water before visiting the dentist.

Similarly, there are steps for other dental emergency conditions as well. It is important that patients try and prevent conditions like a toothache by visiting a dentist regularly. This can help protect teeth and gums and avoid dental infection.

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